Gerald Citera on Market Structure


One of the best parts of the Institute for Financial Market Regulation is our wonderful Advisory Council.  Last week, we had the great good fortune to host Gerald Citera– one of IFMR’s founders and a long-time member of IFMR’s executive committee.  Jerry currently serves as Managing Director and Associate General Council at JP Morgan Chase & Co.  He has more than twenty-five years of experience with our equity markets, and he is a widely recognized-recognized expert on range of issues pertaining to equity market structure.

As Chair White’s recent speech to the Security Traders Association (available here) reflects, equity market structure — and, particularly the operational integrity of our markets, market transparency, and algorithmic trading — are key areas of focus for the Commission. With Jerry’s permission, we are sharing his power point, which includes discussion of the issues highlighted by Chair White, here.   We thank Jerry for his generosity in visiting with us last week and now in allowing us to share his materials with our larger IFMR community.


Christine Chung